1. If he asked, I’d be his.

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  2. Tyler Hoechlin taking about Sterek/Dylan at DOTW (S: x.x,x,x.x,x)

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    His hands trembled as his eyes flickered between bright gold and honeyed brown. Derek could hear Stiles’ heart fluttering in his chest, uneven breaths forcing their way from his lungs. Derek knew just how to solve the overwhelming, almost claustrophobic feeling that could snare your being so close to the full moon. Letting your other side free. Free to run and pounce and just be.

    So that’s what they did, wolf and fox side by side through the forest. Snapping happily at each others heels and dashing through the tress, until they exhausted themselves and curled up together upon the leaf strewn ground.

    Happy Birthday Amanda <3

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  6. Not that you couldn’t do it, but that you wouldn’t.
    Because that’s what makes you, you.

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    "Thank you." 

    Some more of the super fun Sheepgoat AU that was created by Statisticallymorelikely.


    "Superman didn’t have the upside-down kiss, Stiles. That was Spiderman." 



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